The fate is that a person can maintain life in any natural or created environment. These technologies are aimed at satisfying the basic needs of people’s lives, including water, food, and shelter. Skills also support good knowledge and interaction with animals and plants to maintain their livelihood over time.


Survival Skills

Survival often involves the need to survive in a disaster. Survival skills are often the basic ideas and skills that ancient people have invented and used for many years. Outdoors, such as hiking, backpacking, horse riding, fishing, and hunting, you must gain survival skills in the desert, especially in extreme situations. Bush’s championship and primitive life are usually self-fulfilling, but they need many of the same skills.

 First aid

First aid is to help all who suffer from sudden illness or injury, survive, avoid deterioration of health or promote recovery. Before providing professional medical assistance, for example, through a heart and lung resuscitation (CPR), providing emergency medical assistance, as well as full treatment of minor diseases, such as B. adding a patch to the incision. First aid is usually provided by a person with the basic medical education. The first aid for mental health is to extend the concept of first aid to mental health.


For people who are going on trips and walks, the search and rescue services recommend that a trusted contact person should be informed about the planned return and inform them of their return. You can talk to the police if they did not return within a certain time (eg 12 hours before the planned return).

Survival Films

Survive a movie is a movie genre in which one or more characters try to survive physically. It often overlaps with other species. This adventure is a movie genre along with film mantle and sword, movie and war safari movies. Movie Survival is darker than most other adventure movies that usually focus on the character, usually the hero. The films tend to be mainly a contemporary context so that the film audience is familiar with the area, which means that the characters’ actions are less romantic.

Best Survival Films

1. Cast Away
2. 127 Hours
3. Into The Wild
4. The North Face
5. The Descent

Survival Items

Often survivors have a “survival package” with them. It consists of several elements that depend on the anticipated challenges and possible survival situations, an essential or useful place. Presentations of the exposure package differ significantly depending on the expected demand. To survive in the wild, there are often things like knife, water tank, fire starter, first aid devices, food supply devices (safety wire, fish hooks, firearms or other), light tools, navigational aids, and transducer communication signals. Often these articles offer several applications because frequencies and weights are often helpful.

Enterococci and Staphylococci on Hospital

Gram-positive bacteria, in particular multi-drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) in patients, is an increasing problem. An important aspect of bacterial transmission is the body’s ability to survive in various standard hospital areas.

Materials and methods


All microorganisms recently isolated from patients or hospitals. Isolated strains include four strains of Enterococcus faecalis (two sensitive to vancomycin, CEE and CEE b) four strains of Enterococcus faecium (two sensitive to vancomycin, A CEE CEE B) Enterococcus casseliflavus isolating (AER stages c) Enterococcus gallinarum isolating (C CEE) sixth staphylococcus coagulase-negative (CNS) (three sensitive to methicillin and resistant to methicillin), three and six S. aureus isolates (susceptible and three three resistant to methicillin). S. aureus was determined using the VÍTEK GPS 101 sensitivity card (bioMerieux VÍTEK Inc., Hazelwood, MO) tested for antibiotic susceptibility to antibiotics. Three methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA). Antibiotic-resistant strains less than three to isolate and three MRSA isolates to antibiotics six times in resistant isolates. Therefore, in this study, MRSA can also be considered a lot of resilient S. aureus.

Types of Survival Training


Comprehensive training in firearms can be a great way to learn the safety of weapons, get self-defense, and even become an experienced warrior. Consider precision classes using weapons, pistols, weapons and precision weapons. Many schools across the country can offer this kind of adult education. Some even work with children.

Martial Arts

Although some martial arts are unsuitable for real combat, each martial art is better than none. Try to find a local dojo that seems to be based on reality, without too much cult usage. Learn unpredictable methods and learn weapons, such as sticks, knives and sticks, because it means more sense than just learning to avoid fighting skills.

Wilderness Survival

Protection skills, water, fire, and alarms never go out of fashion. Take a lesson or spend time in the wild. These skills are ideal for people traveling on the coast and are an important addition to the concept of wisdom.

Food production

Learning to grow your own crops and animals can be a source of self-confidence, and these skills can provide you and your family with great food. These skills are much more than just survival. Learning how to do it can serve you throughout your life. These skills really benefit from a food or financial crisis.

Urban Survival

Asylums in the structure, like a table or door
Cover your mouth with your dust-proof shirt
Use a light bulb to receive a signal or ask for help
Remove yourself until you are sure that nothing is poorly connected

Survival of the Fittest

“Surviving Strong” is an expression of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, which describes the mechanism of natural selection. The concept of bisexual fitness is defined as reproductive success. From the Darwinian point of view, this term is best understood as “a form of survival, leaving most of its copies in several generations.”

 The Final Verdict

When you often meet people who may be in a “survival situation,” you often talk about the “mentality of survival”. The mentality of survival simply means knowing that you can do what you have to do to overcome your failures. We count on their position and get involved in the world in which they are. And when they survive, they learn from them and are grateful for the experience they have made.

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