For those who do not know what STRIKEPEN BLACK is, it is a tactical weapon that is designed to look and function as a pen but it can also be used as a defense weapon too. STRIKEPEN BLACK has been the best self-defense ever.

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Strikepen Black Review

Many of them have not heard yet, but they should be on every radar.  From the outside, it looks like an ordinary pen. But there is more to the inside than the eye. Light and small size is just the beginning. Strikepen hides tools that can save a life.  You heard good. The pen is low cost because the company is trying to provide information about this amazing product. Instead of a rifle, It is a great alternative for people who need a self-defense approach.

It’s no secret that the world can be a terrible place. Murders, terrorist attacks, political unrest, and other terrible problems make people have more than ever Strikepen Black.  The experience of monkeys is to make consumers Strikepen Black have their own hands. The goal is to “educate and inform American families about the tactics to survive natural disasters and terrorist attacks, and improve self-defense and wildlife skills.”

What is Strikepen Black?

Strikepen Black consists of a compound body that is accurately powder. This means that all external components are already cut from a piece of alloying material. In this way, the body part becomes much stronger than if the various components were combined with the body material. Now Survival does not specify the exact composition of the body material, but it is really a very light and strong body, so you do not have to worry about a violent eruption that we think is important. Of course, it would be better if they had more information on this subject.


In addition, this multifunctional tool is strong enough to prevent abuse. The area includes a bottle opener, a flat screwdriver, a knife, and a hexagonal wrench. In addition, it is a multifunctional pen with ink and batteries. The excellent grip of  tool facilitates management. Opel full value provides Strikepen Black self-defense for free if it is still available.

How Does Strikepen Black Works?

Strikepen Black Perfect for fighting people. It is durable, but it also works when it is needed most. Many functions Strikepen Black can be a tool for writing and self-defense. So, It works because today people have a lot to offer. Higher and more testimonies are being made, for example, Strikepen Black helping to save their lives so that more and more people work every day. It Perfect for women who need extra protection in their pockets or for a person with a pen in a breast pocket. The housing of this tool is made of a precisely milled alloy and is invisible. Wherever you are Strikepen Black always be prepared for immediate use. You will be joyful that you have it at your fingertips. With this free diplomatic pen, you get the 3 best-selling self-defense guides. Each Strikepen Black also has a guide with instructions.

Product performance is very simple and easy to use. The product is very useful. The body of the product is made of steel and is known as very light and small, which means it can be transported anywhere, regardless of whether it is carried in a pocket. The pencil case consists of a milled alloy, making the construction very discreet and beautiful. The pen is black with a tungsten tip and is also equipped with an LED flashlight.

Features Of Strikepen Black

  • Stainless Steel Construction – It is made of materials such as aluminum, which is synonymous with perfection. It’s not just the main aluminum we’re talking about here.
  • Protects Rust Away – With any strap attached to a pen, you can pick it up anywhere. Also, no matter how long you have this product, do not worry about rust.
  • An LED Flashlight – With a flashlight on a feather may not look great, but it really is. Because it is a tactical self-defense tool, there is no other similar product. Adding a flashlight to the mix only increases its value.
  • DNA Collection Method – When the attacker closes, you can try the DNA with a knife. This will be very helpful if the attacker comes down somehow to hand it over to the police.
  • Instructions – It has a user manual that will help you use all the features of this product. Take some time to read carefully so that you can understand everything you need to know.
  • More Guides– Greater survival of guides and monkeys brings you training guides to work with Strikepen. Yes, it’s important that I’m always ready for my Strikepen.
  • Accessory Case – Nozzles for accessories with a case are always nice, but you need a Strikepen case. The black cardboard tray is ideal for storing all pen functions.

Pros & Cons Of Strikepen Black

  • This is a cheap product that will save your life.
  • The product is a fantastic multi-functional tool.
  • It is easy, there are several accessories that you can turn off.
  • Security at the airport is not recognized.
  • Strikepen Black has several tools for opening glass, a flat screwdriver, a knife, and a HEX key.
  • The LED torch is bright and efficient.
  • You can not buy this product without an Internet connection because it is only available on the Internet.


After all, everyone should have Strikepen Black ready for the lowest scheme. If necessary, it is a fast weapon, as well as a universal tool that you can use every day of the week. This is the right product that you can buy, even if you do not have to pay for it now. An attacker does not know what is wrong with this misleading activity. Everyone must protect them, Strikepen Black. That sincerely believes that it is worth it, especially if you can use some more protection in your pocket or bag. Prepare yourself Strikepen Black and execute it today to give peace in the future. You will not disappoint. It is a more versatile product that works like a tactical pen and pen. He saved me from many situations and was my favorite product. Everyone must have this product with them.Download 18

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