Red Jasper Stock

Ruby-Red Jasper

Red Jasper replaces Ruby or Manikya. Red Jasper can be used if the local cannot buy Manikya. Substitute stones work just as well.

Red Jasper is the most sought-after stone. Benefits abound. This stone supposedly has celestial powers. Pope John Paul wears this stone in his ring finger. Confidence rises.

Red Jasper identification

Rare Ruby sub-stone Red Jasper. Translucent stone. It’s multicolored. Striped stones. They boost native immunity. They stabilize the seven Chakras and fight illnesses. They boost native confidence. This stone fluently talks the native.

This stone enhances the Sun’s power and blessings.

  • Red Jasper benefits
  • This stone energizes the native.
  • The native becomes more goal-oriented.
  • The local works hard.
  • Native leadership develops.
  • Society respects natives.
  • Government and authorities benefit the locals.
  • Friends back the native.

Red Jasper health benefits

  • Red Jasper also heals.
  • It strengthens natives mentally.
  • It cures blood disorders.
  • It also treats liver issues.
  • Improves vision.
  • Strengthens blood vessels.

Wear Red Jasper when and how?

On Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, wear red jasper in a gold or bronze ring. Clean this stone with milk and Gangajal before wearing. Say “Om Ghrini Suryay Namah” while wearing it.

Red Jasper wearers?

Sun-lords in malefic houses might wear this stone to boost the Sun. This stone strengthens the native and removes birth chart deficiencies.

Who shouldn’t wear Red Jasper?


Diamond and blue sapphire wearers should avoid Red Jasper. It may not fit.