Organic Sunflower Lecithin

Organic sunflower lecithin to our Moderate and Enhanced products. It performs the role of an emulsifier in these goods. A chemical that aids in stabilising a solution is called an emulsifier. This aids in preventing the separation of the various components of our products.

For our Moderate and Enhanced products, the organic lecithin makes sure that the organic full-extract hemp oil we utilise to create increased potencies stays blended with our base infusion of organic vegetable glycerin and organic hemp flower.

We used to advise users to shake our products before using them because it was possible for the various ingredients to somewhat separate from one another.

We no longer need to shake our hemp flower infusions before using them thanks to the addition of organic sunflower lecithin. This makes them more uniform and consistent, as well as simpler to utilise.

Still, just for fun, we advise a light swirl before each use. However, organic sunflower lecithin is added to make sure you always get a consistent serving!

How to Make Organic Sunflower Lecithin
Our organic sunflower lecithin is made from organic sunflower seeds.
A natural substance called sunflower lecithin can be obtained from several sunflower plant sections. Our sunflower lecithin, for instance, is made from organic sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seed lecithin extraction is a very delicate and straightforward procedure similar to pressing olive oil. Oil, gum, and solids are the three components that make up dried sunflower seeds. Sunflower lecithin is created by cold-pressing the gum after it has been treated.

Other forms of lecithin, most frequently egg and soy lecithin, may be found on various foods and personal care items. These two are extremely unlike than sunflower lecithin.

Since it is made from eggs, egg lecithin is not vegan. Also, a lot of people frequently have allergies to eggs. These factors prevented us from selecting egg lecithin.

Lecithin from soy is considerably worse. Soy lecithin extraction calls for harsh chemicals, but sunflower lecithin extraction uses a very delicate, natural procedure.

Additionally, genetically modified soybeans are frequently used to make soy lecithin. Since our sunflower lecithin is organically certified, it cannot include genetically modified organisms.

Finally, a lot of people are allergic to soy, which is ranked as one of the top eight food allergens. Conversely, there is a substantially decreased chance of allergic reactions while eating sunflower.

What Other Advantages Does Organic Sunflower Lecithin Offer?
According to research, organic sunflower lecithin may lower your cholesterol.
Every cell in our body contains lecithin, a naturally occurring chemical that supports cell integrity.

With numerous confirmed health advantages, sunflower lecithin can be consumed as a supplement. It can be found in the forms of liquid, powder, capsules, and granules.

Lecithin is best famous for its role in lowering cholesterol. Increases in “good” HDL cholesterol and decreases in “bad” LDL and VLDL cholesterol can both be facilitated by lecithin.

Other advantages of sunflower lecithin include:

more favourable intestinal health
supports breastfeeding, particularly for women with clogged ducts
Promotes skin health
increases mental capacity