Moonstone is valued by jewelers and crystal healers. Moonstones, like other valuable stones, vary in form, size, color, and clarity. Southern Asia produces the best specimens. Sri Lanka is the sole source of rare blue moonstones.

Pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone are June birthstones. It’s the perfect present for sixth-month birthdays.

Moonstone is beautiful and feminine. Your friends and family may have a moonstone in their crystal collection.


Moonstone, sometimes called hecatolite, is an opalescent feldspar mineral. Moonstone’s glitter has fascinated humans for millennia.

Moonstones represented divine lunar force to ancient Roman and Greek people. Moonstone jewelry from all over the world is still used to make excellent home and body adornment.

Moonstone’s Meaning?

Moonstone crystal symbolizes divine feminine energy, however its meaning varies. The lunar cycle gives it its strong energy. Moonstone, especially when worshiped with feminine deities, is believed to heal.

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Moonstone symbolizes new beginnings because of its moon symbolism. Like the moon, moonstone symbolizes beginning over.

Moonstone Health Benefits

Moonstone crystal is considered to awaken and strengthen our feminine qualities. Intuition, passion, abundance, nurturing energy, etc.

Moonstone can balance masculine and feminine energies if you feel distant from your feminine side. Today’s career-focused, high-stress society requires this. Moonstone may help you find the time and patience to practice self-care.

Moonstone brings tranquillity to any room. It’s beautiful for any room or crystal garden.

Jewelers utilize moonstone to make stunning accessories. If you want to heal and look good, wear a moonstone in a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earring.

Moonstone is known to heal those who are around it. Moonstone is utilized in crystal healing therapy and meditation to release negative thoughts, relieve pain, help with pregnancy-related issues, and reduce stress.

Why Is Moonstone Expensive?

Some moonstone crystals are unique. Milky-white, opaque moonstone is easier to locate and cheaper. Transparent blue moonstones are the most expensive. No mine produces these anymore, making them uncommon.

This type of moonstone and its jewelry are expensive due to its rarity and beauty. Rarely, items have sold for above 700 USD.

Moonstone—A Gem?

Moonstone is a gem. Its distinctive luster is shared by orthoclase, sunstone, amazonite, and labradorite. Experts call this gemstone family’s sparkling property adularescence.

What Makes a Good Moonstone?
Make sure you’re receiving good value while buying gems. High-quality moonstones are easy to spot.

Quality moonstones are translucent, so cracks and other defects should be visible. Adularescence increases with gem clarity. Opaque moonstone is cheaper and more frequent than transparent moonstone.

Moonstone: Daily Wear?

If moonstone is part of a meaningful piece of jewelry, you can wear it regularly. Moonstone is traditionally left to charge in the moonlight to cleanse it of bad energy and restore its therapeutic powers.

If your moonstone seems weak after a while, remove it and charge it.

Moonstone Cleaning and Recharging?

Never clean your moonstone with chemicals. Stone grit and smudges can be removed with clean water (you can add a drop of gentle soap into the mix if there are particularly stubborn marks that need some extra attention). Soaking your moonstone in fresh water is thought to remove negative energy and restore it to health. If you can find a river or waterfall, it would help much more.

Crystal healers also advocate keeping your moonstone outside on starry nights. They say direct moonlight fills moonstone crystals with miraculous healing energy. Just what you want!