Green Aveturine

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine?

Fuchsite inclusions give translucent quartz green aventurine. (Inclusion types affect color.) Green aventurine is mostly mined in India, China, and Vermont.

Crystal specialist and Energy Muse Jewelry co-founder Heather Askinosie says aventurine means “by chance” in Italian. “The Gambler’s Stone” is aventurine’s nickname due to its reputation as a stone of chance, she says.

“Aventurine is the luckiest stone in all games of chance. Its 2.5 million-year-old history includes various uses “Askinosie tells mbg.

Ethiopian cultures made axes from aventurine. She says ancient Tibetans believed aventurine enhanced the capabilities of their statues’ eyes.

Aventurine advantages:


Green aventurine is lucky. “Even if you’ve never worked with crystals before, green aventurine’s color can be a starting point for you to work with as a reminder that luck and opportunity are all around you,” Askinosie says.

Instead than believing some individuals are luckier, this stone lets you make your own luck. Askinosie says working with this stone teaches you to locate opportunity in every situation and that luck awaits you at every turn.


Keen’s intuitive insights reveal your mystical nature.


Green aventurine encourages you to seize possibilities. “Expect positive things from all your efforts with this stone. “Aventurine helps you trust in your own luck, which in turn makes you luckier,” Askinosie explains.”

Increases abundance-receptivity.

Askinosie concludes that aventurine boosts success by encouraging positive change and openness to new opportunities. She suggests using aventurine as a luck booster.

This crystal attracts wealth, wins games, and causes random windfalls, as spiritual author Kalisa Augustine told mbg.

Green aventurine use:

Carry it.

Green aventurine can be kept at home, although Askinosie says it’s more powerful when worn during the day. “Carrying it with you, having it in your bra or pocket, or wearing it as jewelry develops a different relationship with your crystal than it merely being in your area,” she says.

Askinosie suggests saying, “I am lucky,” three times with your green aventurine in the morning. “Squeeze it all day, knowing luck is on your side. Always anticipate the best with your aventurine “adds.

Keep it near money.

Augustine suggests placing green aventurine in a cash box, bill drawer, or wallet for financial luck.

Abundance crystal grid.

Spiritual author Emma Mildon recommends green aventurine for crystal grids to attract and increase riches. Mildon recommends citrine, amber, and jade for money and luck-related gems.

From there, put out your grid using sacred geometry, possibly on an altar or anywhere you’ll see it to remind you of your desire. (See our crystal grid guide for details.)

Garden with it.

Askinosie informs mbg that green aventurine channels earthly energy into plant roots, giving them life. “Bury a clean stone in the soil of your garden or potted plant, and add a clear quartz for energy amplification,” she advises.

Spell jar.

A green aventurine spell jar for money may appeal to magicians.


  1. A small-to-medium jar
  2. Abundance jade.
  3. Green aventurine for prosperity.
  4. Jade plant for plenty
  5. Ginger energizes
  6. Concentration thyme
  7. germination
  8. Rice or flour for binding
  9. Paper and pen


Add each object to the jar, thinking about what it represents and how it relates to your intention.

Write your intention in the jar (i.e., “Money flows my way” or “My life is filled with abundance.”)

Light a candle and declare your intention, imagining its fulfillment.

Wax your jar.

Put your jar somewhere you’ll see it to finish the process.

Heart chakra work.

This green gem works well with the heart chakra (which is also associated with green). Askinosie suggests placing your green aventurine over your heart to expand your heart chakra to giving and receiving love.

Crystal-infused baths.

Finally, this Askinosie crystal-infused ritual bath can add green aventurine to your next bath.


Jasmine or rose incense

  1. 1-red candle
  2. 1-pink candle
  3. 12 fresh pink or red rose petals
  4. 1-bottle rose essential oil
  5. 1 jasmine oil bottle
  6. 1 rose quartz
  7. azurite crystal
  8. 1-feather
  9. 1 abalone shell or fireproof container for sage ashes



  • Burn rose and jasmine incense near the tub.Light the two candles in your bathroom safely.Bathe with fresh rose petals.
  • Add six drops of rose and jasmine oils to the bathwater—six is the number of love.
    Bathe with rose quartz and aventurine.
  • Visualize a romantic relationship and place the crystals over your heart while bathing. Imagine a new love entering your heart.
  • 20-minute soak.
  • After bathing, place crystals on your nightstand. Return rose petals to Earth.