Alternative medicine practitioners use crystals to cure the mind and body.

Powerful crystals include purple amethyst. Ayurvedic and traditional health practitioners advocate amethysts for healing, but scientific evidence is few.

Read on to learn about amethysts and other stones used for mental and physical healing.

Ayurvedic, crystal, reiki, and other alternative and complementary medicine practitioners use amethysts for healing.

Medical claims

According to online claims, amethysts can heal the body:

  • Immunization
  • Boosting hormones
  • improving digestion enhancing skin
  • decreasing headaches
  • hormones

These statements are scientifically unproven. While these benefits may be real, the scientific community considers research as proof of success, and there hasn’t been much of it.

Psychological claims

Amethyst myths include one about mental wellness.

To keep Dionysus sane, Rhea gave him an amethyst. This belief led ancient Romans to believe amethysts could prevent drunkenness.

Some natural health practitioners treat addiction with amethysts, although not like the Romans.

Amethysts calm and relax. Crystal workers can relieve anxiety and pain with gemstones.

Scientists haven’t confirmed amethyst’s mental health benefits.

Metaphysics claims

Amethysts open the third eye. The third eye gives power and insight.

Crystal healers think amethysts can sharpen spiritual perceptions and enlightenment. Again, untested assertions.

Metaphysical crystal practitioners also think that amethyst geodes or crystals will absorb negative energy and calm your environment.

Amethysts also inhibit electromagnetic frequencies and “geopathic stress,” which can cause negativity. Human-made items impair Earth’s energy.