The action for Happiness has identified 10 keys for a happier life, based on a thorough review of the latest research, which actually helps people to develop. This is not a “10 commandment ” Because each of us is unique and what works for one of us may not be the other. There are only 10 areas that tend to be a big difference to the happiness of people – and most importantly are all areas of our control.

1. What do you do for others?


Caring for others is an essential part of our happiness. Helping other people is not just good for them; This is also useful for us. This makes us happier and can help improve our health. Giving also leads to stronger links between people and contributes to the creation of a happier society. It’s not about money-we can also give our time, ideas and energy. So if you want to feel comfortable, do it right.

Make three additional acts of grace today. Offer help, give change, pay a compliment, or smile someone. Grab help someone who fights. Call or offer help.

2. Contact with people


Our relationship with other people is the most important thing in our happiness. People with solid relationships are happier, healthier and more vivid. Our close relationships with family and friends offer love, sens, support and stimulating our self-esteem. Our wider social networks make it a sense of belonging to them. It is therefore important to take action to strengthen our relationship and create new ties.

More time for needy people. Talk to your loved one or friends, call your parents or play with your kids. Make another three calls today. Stop chatting in the store, waving to a neighbor, learning someone’s new name.happyhappy

3. Take care of your body


The body and mind are connected. Being active makes us happier and healthier. It instantly improves our mood and can even elevate us to depression. We don’t run all marathons – there are simple things we can do to become active every day. We can also increase our prosperity by spending time outdoors, healing, separating technology and enough sleep.
Action Ideas

More active today. Get off the bus early, turn the stairs, turn on the TV, go for a walk-all that gets to move.
Eat nutritious foods, drink more water, sleep. Pay attention to what a healthy action to raise your mood and do more.

4. Watch the world around you


Do you ever feel that there should be more life? Good news. And that is us. We just need to stop and pay attention. Learning to be conscious and to know does not wonder for our prosperity, whether it is our way of working, how we eat or our relationship. It helps us reconcile our feelings and disturb us in the living quarters in the past or to take care of the future.

Give yourself some space. Stop at least once a day to stop and take five minutes to just breathe at the moment. Pay attention and appreciate the good things around you every day, big or small. Trees, birds, coffee smell, laughter can be?

5. Keep learning


Learning positively affects our well-being in a number of ways. This allows us to deliver new ideas and helps us find interesting and useful. It gives us a sense of the exercise and helps strengthen our confidence and our strength. There are many ways to learn new things in our lives, not only of formal qualifications. We were with friends, join a club, to learn, sing, play a new sport, and many other skills.

Something today for the first time. Try sushi, Try a new route, read another newspaper or visit one of the local places of interest. Learn new skills, no matter how small. Perhaps the first aid techniques or new feature on your phone. Cooking a meal or a new Word.

6. The Have goals to look forward


Feel good about the future, it is essential to our happiness. We all need goals and motivate us and should inspire so much new, however, is also available. If we try to not to try, this leads to unnecessary stress. Choose meaningfully, but realistic goals give direction to our lives and bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when we have it.

Take the first step. Thinking about the purpose and something to start with. Please fill out the form, to make a call, the other has to say.
Part of your dreams. Three people, tell us about your willingness to listen to, which is really important for them this year.

7. Find ways to get back



We have all the time to stress or trauma, loss, lack of in our lives. How can we respond to these events, has a huge impact on our mood often do not choose what to us, but we can choose how we react to what happens. In practice, it is not always easy, but one of the most interesting current research is that immunity, as well as many other life skills you can learn.

Today, to ask for help. A friend of trust, talk to a professional, contact a friend, a neighbor. If there is something in you, something that you really like. Move your mood and bring a new approach to the problem.

8. To adopt a positive attitude

happyPositive emotions, joy, gratitude, happiness, inspiration, and pride — not only feel good, when we experience. You can help us do a better job, to expand our physical health and strength to increase our awareness. Therefore, although we have to be realistic about life’s ups and downs, it helps in a good situation instead of half empty, the glass in half.

Something, you know that you can feel good about. The music you can hear, see, something funny, or call an old friend. He tries to laugh and say something positive and constructive, each time you enter the room. Note: a response.

9 Be comfortable with what you are


No one is perfect. But so often we compare ourselves with a negative image of the unrealistic image of other people. Our property as we have instead of what we have will be much more difficult, happy. Learn to accept yourself, warts and all, and for us the joy of living, our resilience, and our prosperity are, if there is something wrong with the increases. It also helps us to accept, because they are.

Ask a trusted friend or colleague, tell us what really is. Try to use more. Be yourself, as you will on the other. Opportunities to learn, to see their mistakes. Mark, what you are doing, but the little things.

10. To take part in something


The meaning and purpose of your life happier, people feel more control and do laimingesnį what they are doing. In addition, experience less stress, anxiety, and depression. But where we find meaning and purpose? May come from the difference between the plants, our religious beliefs, or spiritual or our family. The answer may be different for each of us, but they are associated with something more than even put together.

Feel more. Spending time with children is a great place to visit, look at the stars or join the Club. To be more compassionate. Allow time to consider the proposal to help neighbors or friends, others through blood or volunteering.

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